Cut-Out Standees

Life-Size Cut-Out Standees for Your Event or Promotion.

Our cut out standees are instant attention-grabbers, perfect for trade shows, special events, or as a beloved character photo prop in your child's room. Whether it's for your reception, fundraising events, sports gatherings, or photo opportunities, our standees elevate the ambiance.

A life-size standee is a flat, standalone figure, typically crafted from cardboard, foam board, or plastic. Designed to match the height and width of a real person, they often portray individuals, fictional characters, mascots, or objects at true-to-life scale.

Custom Printed Life-Size Cutouts are versatile tools suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings. Ideal for product promotions or event advertising, they make appearances at trade shows, retail spaces, and special promotions. Additionally, they serve as effective advertising mediums and can provide directional guidance at large events. Furthermore, these cutouts are a hit at parties and celebrations, infusing a personalized touch into the decor.

Here are some key features of life-size standees:



Contour Cut


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